Athletic Training

Field experience, state-of-the-art facilities and high employment rates after graduation - enjoy these perks and many more through our selective and CAATE accredited athletic training major. Build skills in the prevention, diagnosis, immediate care and rehabilitation of athletic-related injuries and illness for a rewarding and challenging career.

Visiting Team Information

We hope your stay is a healthy one! Below is a list of athletic training supplies that will be available to you as well as phone numbers for our certified athletic trainers and medical facilities.

The Mount Union Athletic Training Staff is available to assist your needs. Should one of your athletes need an appointment with a medical doctor while in Alliance, we ask that you allow our staff to make this appointment for you with the exception of an emergency. Please contact the AT for your sport to assist you in this process.

Our team physician and an orthopedic consultant will be in attendance at all home football games. They will be on-call for all other events. A rescue squad will be in attendance at all home football games. Emergency equipment (crutches, splints, AED) will be located on the home bench/sideline.

Our therapeutic facilities are available prior to events. The main athletic training facility for all sports is located in the MAAC adjacent to Mount Union Stadium. If your team is traveling without an AT, we ask that you contact us in advance so we can make arrangements to assist your team. We also ask that a signed, written request from your MD or AT for treatments or taping accompany your teamtraveling with athletic training students.

Phone Numbers

  • Campus Health Center/Alliance Community Hospital (200 E. State St. Alliance, OH 44601) - 330-596-6000
  • Walgreens Pharmacy (Open 24 hours - Corner of Union/State adjacent to campus) - 330-829-3782
  • MAAC Athletic Training Facility - 330-829-8193 - fax: 330-823-4896
  • Wable-Harter Athletic Training Facility - 330-823-2026