Mount Union M Club Hall of Fame

Name Sport Year Inducted
Clint Alguire full bio Clint Alguire Track and Field 1997
Lowell E. Allen full bio Lowell E. Allen Track and Field 1967
Guy Allot full bio Guy Allot   2001
Dan Ambroziak full bio Dan Ambroziak Wrestling 2013
Jim Ansberry full bio Jim Ansberry Cross Country, Track and Field 1995
Jim Aquilo full bio Jim Aquilo Wrestling 1993
Army Armstrong full bio Army Armstrong Football 1927
Red Artino full bio Red Artino Football 1950
Wayne Ashbaugh full bio Wayne Ashbaugh Basketball 1991
Rob Atwood full bio Rob Atwood Football 1994
Nelson Ball full bio Nelson Ball Basketball, Football, Track and Field 1966
Robert Ball full bio Robert Ball Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track 1967
Jim Ballard full bio Jim Ballard Football 1994
Eugene "Duke" Barret full bio Eugene "Duke" Barret Basketball, Football, Track and Field 1976
Cindy Bash full bio Cindy Bash Women's Basketball 1987
Stan Baughman full bio Stan Baughman Basketball, Track and field 1971
Al Beach full bio Al Beach Baseball, Basketball, Football 1966
J.O. Beck full bio J.O. Beck Football 1963
Napoleon Bell full bio Napoleon Bell Basketball, Football, Track and Field 1976
Paul Bixler full bio Paul Bixler Football 1962
Mark Black full bio Mark Black Football 2013
Lloyd Bletzer full bio Lloyd Bletzer Baseball, Basketball, Football 1966
Harry Blythe full bio Harry Blythe Baseball, Basketball, Football 1962
Terry Booth full bio Terry Booth Track and Field 2012
Bill Borchert full bio Bill Borchert Football 2013
John Bouloubasis full bio John Bouloubasis Football 2006
Dave Bracken full bio Dave Bracken Baseball 1987
H. Larry Brown full bio H. Larry Brown Football 1968
Dave Brubaker full bio Dave Brubaker Basketball 1986
Ed Bubonics full bio Ed Bubonics Football 1994
Bud Bucher full bio Bud Bucher Football 1937
Kris Bugara full bio Kris Bugara Football 2015
Clarence Burkle full bio Clarence Burkle Football 1967
Harold Burkle full bio Harold Burkle Men's Basketball 1967
Vera Byrd full bio Vera Byrd Track & Field  
Kara Callahan full bio Kara Callahan Women's Soccer 2013
Chick Campbell full bio Chick Campbell Basketball 1988
Keri Canning full bio Keri Canning Women's Basketball 2017
Patricia Caris full bio Patricia Caris Volleyball 2013
L.J. Carson full bio L.J. Carson Football 1963
Nichole Chaddock full bio Nichole Chaddock Women's Soccer / Track & Field 2013
John Cholley full bio John Cholley Football 1963
Mark Choppa full bio Mark Choppa Football 1999
Tony Colao full bio Tony Colao Football 1984
Adrianne Cole full bio Adrianne Cole Softball 2016
Ronald Collins full bio Ronald Collins Wrestling 2002
Dave Cooper full bio Dave Cooper Track & Field / Cross Country 2015
Frederick Cope full bio Frederick Cope Cross Country, Track and Field 1968
Robert Cope full bio Robert Cope Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track 1966
Paul Cotton full bio Paul Cotton Wrestling 1983
Bill Davis full bio Bill Davis Baseball, Basketball, Football 1986
Vaughn Davis full bio Vaughn Davis Track and Field 1990
Kenneth Debos full bio Kenneth Debos Track & Field 1986
Mike Diblasi full bio Mike Diblasi Football 1993
Matt Domin full bio Matt Domin Football 2016
Pat Eaton full bio Pat Eaton Cross Country, Track and Field 1993
Ken Edelman full bio Ken Edelman Football 1991
Mike Elder full bio Mike Elder Football 1993
Chuck Engle full bio Chuck Engle Cross Country / Track & Field 2013
William Erlitz full bio William Erlitz Basketball, Football 1987
Bill Eyer full bio Bill Eyer Football 1988
David Forshew full bio David Forshew Track & Field 1991
James Fox full bio James Fox Track and Field 1987
Jan Freshley full bio Jan Freshley   1974
Gary Frost full bio Gary Frost Football 1997
Mike Garn full bio Mike Garn Football 2012
Jeff Geiss full bio Jeff Geiss Cross County, Track & Field 2017
Ralph Gibson full bio Ralph Gibson Baseball, Basketball, Football 1966
Mike Gillespie full bio Mike Gillespie Football 1977
Scott Gindlesberger full bio Scott Gindlesberger Football 1987
Meghann Glass full bio Meghann Glass Women's Golf 2017
Wally Glenwright full bio Wally Glenwright Basketball 1930
Harry Gletz Jr. full bio Harry Gletz Jr. Football 1975
Harry Gletz Sr. full bio Harry Gletz Sr. Football 1975
Larry Graves full bio Larry Graves Track and Field 1991
Leo Grimes full bio Leo Grimes Football 1966
Mike Groff full bio Mike Groff Football 1987
Jennifer Grower full bio Jennifer Grower Softball 1991
Paul Gulling full bio Paul Gulling Football 1998
Ben Hackathorn full bio Ben Hackathorn Basketball, Football 1982
Rick Hairston full bio Rick Hairston Track & Field 1985
Jason Hall full bio Jason Hall Football 2014
Mike Hallett full bio Mike Hallett Football 1994
Katie Harrington full bio Katie Harrington Women's Basketball 2015
Victor Harris full bio Victor Harris Football 1988
Steve Harter full bio Steve Harter Football, Wrestling 2000
John Haupt full bio John Haupt Baseball, Basketball 1993
Nathaniel Hawthorne full bio Nathaniel Hawthorne Track 1987
Roger J. Headland full bio Roger J. Headland Football 1996
Walter C. "Bunky" Headley full bio Walter C. "Bunky" Headley Football 1968
John Heather full bio John Heather Football 1985
Sandra Heilman full bio Sandra Heilman   1986
Patrick Helmuth full bio Patrick Helmuth Men's Swimming  
Bill Herman full bio Bill Herman Basketball, Golf 1983
Todd Hibbs full bio Todd Hibbs Wrestling 2005
C. Jay Hines full bio C. Jay Hines Wrestling 2003
Ed Hogya full bio Ed Hogya Football 1989
Michael Hollenbach full bio Michael Hollenbach Soccer 2014
Harry Hollinger full bio Harry Hollinger Basetball 1980
George Hunter full bio George Hunter Basetball, Tennis 1984
Hugh Jae full bio Hugh Jae Football 1979
Mike Jarrett full bio Mike Jarrett Football 1987
Pappy Joachim full bio Pappy Joachim   1943
Matt Johnson full bio Matt Johnson Football 2012
Rich Kempe full bio Rich Kempe Cross Country, Track and Field 2002
Jenifer (Burkey) Kiernan full bio Jenifer (Burkey) Kiernan Women's Soccer 2012
R. Time King full bio R. Time King Cross Country, Track and Field 1996
Chum Kovach full bio Chum Kovach Baseball 1962
Michele Kring full bio Michele Kring Softball 1990
Russ Kring full bio Russ Kring Football 1988
Robert Kunkel full bio Robert Kunkel Football 1924
Harry Laber full bio Harry Laber   1926
Steve Lacher full bio Steve Lacher Wrestling 2015
Andy Lamancusa full bio Andy Lamancusa Wrestling 2005
Marcus Lambdin full bio Marcus Lambdin Wrestling 2012
Don Landin full bio Don Landin Cross Country, Track and Field 2000
Don Lape full bio Don Lape Football 2000
Chuck Larsuel full bio Chuck Larsuel Track and Field 1995
Dave Lasecki full bio Dave Lasecki Football 1991
Jim Laughlin full bio Jim Laughlin Baseball, Football 1984
Frank Lauterbur full bio Frank Lauterbur Football 1949
Tracey Long full bio Tracey Long Track & Field 1991
Alf Lovell full bio Alf Lovell Football 1916
Bruce Mackey full bio Bruce Mackey   1968
Ed Mackey full bio Ed Mackey Football 1986
Frank Maietta full bio Frank Maietta Football 2002
Brian Malloy full bio Brian Malloy Wrestling 2012
Sean Malottke full bio Sean Malottke Swimming 2002
Pat Mancuso full bio Pat Mancuso Football 1952
Adam Marino full bio Adam Marino Football 2016
Edmund Marlowe full bio Edmund Marlowe Football 1917
Vince Marotta full bio Vince Marotta Football, Track and Field 1973
Doug Mason full bio Doug Mason Basetball 1991
Kelly A. McBride full bio Kelly A. McBride Football 1963
Earl "Mac" McCaskey full bio Earl "Mac" McCaskey Football 1966
Richard McCuskey full bio Richard McCuskey Basketball, Track 1970
Rae McDonald full bio Rae McDonald Football 1992
Gary McGahey full bio Gary McGahey Soccer 1997
Tom McIntyre full bio Tom McIntyre Cross Country, Track and Field 1999
Dave McLaughlin full bio Dave McLaughlin Football 2000
Ray McLean full bio Ray McLean Football 1968
Dave Miller full bio Dave Miller Basketball 1926
Jack Mills full bio Jack Mills Basketball 1940
James Monahan full bio James Monahan Football 2011
David Mooney full bio David Mooney Track & Field 1964
Chuck Moore full bio Chuck Moore Football 2017
Dan Myers full bio Dan Myers Basketball 1929
Mutt Myers full bio Mutt Myers Football 1923
Harold Nichols full bio Harold Nichols Football 1939
Heather O' Shea full bio Heather O' Shea Track & Field 1995
George O'Brien full bio George O'Brien   1913
Cora Owens full bio Cora Owens   1988
Anna Panteleyeva full bio Anna Panteleyeva Tennis 1995
Willard Pederson full bio Willard Pederson Football  
Emory Powell full bio Emory Powell Football 2005
Dan Pugh full bio Dan Pugh Wrestling 1995
LeRoy Raber full bio LeRoy Raber Basketball, Football, Track and Field 1961
Jack Rafeld full bio Jack Rafeld Baseball  
Larry Reeder full bio Larry Reeder Football, Track and Field 2007
Derrick Rippy full bio Derrick Rippy Track and Field 2000
Kelly Roach full bio Kelly Roach Volleyball 2016
Dick Roberts full bio Dick Roberts Football  
Ralph Roberts full bio Ralph Roberts Football 1963
James Robinson full bio James Robinson Football 1922
Rob Rodgers full bio Rob Rodgers Football 1995
Dick Rose full bio Dick Rose Football 1968
Frank Sachire full bio Frank Sachire Football 1993
Dave Scarpitti full bio Dave Scarpitti Basketball 2002
Maria Scheiber full bio Maria Scheiber Women's Swimming 1991
Evan Schiltz full bio Evan Schiltz Basketball 1936
Ralph Schlott full bio Ralph Schlott Basketball 1972
Holly Scott full bio Holly Scott Women's Soccer 2013
Mike Sessor full bio Mike Sessor Wrestling 1986
Amanda Shepherd full bio Amanda Shepherd volleyball 2013
Kenya Shipp full bio Kenya Shipp Track & Field 2016
Forest Shollenberger full bio Forest Shollenberger Football 1919
Gary Smeck full bio Gary Smeck Football 2016
Vic Smith full bio Vic Smith Cross Country, Track and Field 1999
Wilbur Springer full bio Wilbur Springer Track & Field 1926
Troy Starr full bio Troy Starr Football 1985
Virg Stroia full bio Virg Stroia Football 1962
Gordon Swope full bio Gordon Swope Baseball, Football 1970
Jerry Tennant full bio Jerry Tennant Wrestling 2015
John Thorpe full bio John Thorpe Football 1960
John Topoly full bio John Topoly Wrestling 1993
Ed Trizzino full bio Ed Trizzino   1984
Chris Tucker full bio Chris Tucker Baseball 2015
Joe Vadini full bio Joe Vadini Football 1984
Suzy Venet full bio Suzy Venet Women's Basketball 2013
Jim Vogelgesang full bio Jim Vogelgesang Baseball 1982
Ken Wable full bio Ken Wable Football  
Mike Warbel full bio Mike Warbel Football 2014
Willard Weaver full bio Willard Weaver Basketball 1938
Chris Weber full bio Chris Weber Football 2007
Josh Weber full bio Josh Weber Football 2012
Jason Weigand full bio Jason Weigand Wrestling 2012
Joe Weimer full bio Joe Weimer Football 2014
Karl Whinnery full bio Karl Whinnery Baseball 2012
Fred Wilch full bio Fred Wilch Football 1954
Ken Wilcox full bio Ken Wilcox Wrestling 1998
George Wilcoxon full bio George Wilcoxon Basketball, Football 1968
Sam Williams full bio Sam Williams Men's Soccer 1977
Howard Wilson full bio Howard Wilson Football 1916
Melvin Windland full bio Melvin Windland Basketball, Football, Track 1970
Joyce Wolfinbarger full bio Joyce Wolfinbarger Women's Swimming 1991
Sandy Womack full bio Sandy Womack Wrestling 1992
Steve Wood full bio Steve Wood Swimming 2014
Scott Woolf full bio Scott Woolf Football 2002
Lewis Wright full bio Lewis Wright Basketball, Football, Golf, Track and Field 1980
Robert Wright full bio Robert Wright Men's Basketball  
Jim Wuske full bio Jim Wuske Cross Country, Track and Field 1984
Dana Zarzycki full bio Dana Zarzycki Women's Basketball 1995
Howard Ziemke full bio Howard Ziemke Football 1966
Corl Zimmerman full bio Corl Zimmerman Football 1922