Men’s Lacrosse Loses in a Double Overtime Thriller at La Roche 16-15

Men’s Lacrosse Loses in a Double Overtime Thriller at La Roche 16-15
PITTSBURGH, Pa. – Mount Union's men's lacrosse team lost in a double overtime thriller at La Roche 16-15 on Wednesday afternoon.

The Purple Raiders (6-7) were led by freshman duo Josh Stephens (North Canton/Green) and Hogan Harris (Medina/Medina) who scored four goals apiece in the loss. Stephens and Harris both finished the game with four points apiece.

Freshman Carl Sopczyk (Glens Falls, N.Y./Glens Falls) and freshman Toren Moore (Columbus/Hilliard-Darby) both tallied three points apiece in the contest with both scoring one goal and both having two assists.

The Redhawks (2-9) were led by Dustin Reykdal who tallied ten points on six goals and four assists in the victory for La Roche. Crawford Healey scored four goals and dished out one assist tallying five points on the day as Bryce Wells tallied four points with two goals and two assists.

Healey would score the game winning goal for La Roche with under one second left in the second overtime as the Redhawks would go on for the 16-15 victory over Mount Union. 

Mount Union and La Roche would be even in the first period as the period ended at 4-4. The Raiders would open up the lead going into halftime with an 11-7 lead as Stephens led the charge for Mount Union.

The Redhawks would outscore the Raiders in the third period, five to four, cutting the Raider lead to three goals going into the fourth period 15-12. Mount Union would be kept scoreless in the fourth period as La Roche would tie the game with less than three minutes remaining in regulation.

Mount Union travels to Wilmington, Ohio to take on Wilmington on Saturday, April 27th in the Raiders season finale at 2 PM.

SCORING   1   2   3   4   OT   2OT   2OT - 00:01
Mount Union   4   7   4   0   0   0   15
La Roche (Pa.)   4   3   5   3   0   1   16


-- 1st -- Mount Union   La Roche (Pa.)
Mount Union   Hogan Harris (unassisted)   1   0
La Roche (Pa.)   Dustin Reykdal (Crawford Healey)   1   1
Mount Union Mike Richardson (Andrew Rosati) 2   1
La Roche (Pa.)   Mike DiMarco (Jean Thouin)   2   2
La Roche (Pa.)   Crawford Healey (unassisted)   2   3
La Roche (Pa.)   Sean Clark (Dustin Reykdal)   2   4
Mount Union Matt Milano (Andrew Rosati) 3   4
Mount Union   Carl Sopczyk (unassisted)   4   4
-- 2nd -- Mount Union   La Roche (Pa.)
Mount Union   UP - Toren Moore (Carl Sopczyk)   5   4
Mount Union   UP - Josh Stephens (Toren Moore)   6   4
Mount Union   Josh Stephens (unassisted)   7   4
La Roche (Pa.)   Dustin Reykdal (Mike DiMarco)   7   5
Mount Union   UP - Josh Bender (Michael Taylor)   8   5
La Roche (Pa.)   Dustin Reykdal (Jean Thouin)   8   6
Mount Union   Josh Stephens (unassisted)   9   6
Mount Union Shane Breckenridge (unassisted) 10   6
Mount Union   Hogan Harris (unassisted)   11   6
La Roche (Pa.)   Bryce Wells (Dustin Reykdal)   11   7
-- 3rd -- Mount Union   La Roche (Pa.)
Mount Union   Josh Bender (Thomas O'Connell)   12   7
La Roche (Pa.)   Dustin Reykdal (unassisted)   12   8
Mount Union   Hogan Harris (Toren Moore)   13   8
La Roche (Pa.)   Dustin Reykdal (Bryce Wells)   13   9
Mount Union   Josh Stephens (unassisted)   14   9
La Roche (Pa.)   Crawford Healey (Dustin Reykdal)   14   10
La Roche (Pa.)   Steve Murphy (Dustin Reykdal)   14   11
Mount Union   Hogan Harris (Carl Sopczyk)   15   11
La Roche (Pa.)   Bryce Wells (unassisted)   15   12
-- 4th -- Mount Union   La Roche (Pa.)
La Roche (Pa.)   Braden Sparks (Bryce Wells)   15   13
La Roche (Pa.)   Crawford Healey (unassisted)   15   14
La Roche (Pa.)   UP - Dustin Reykdal (Jon Monahan)   15   15
-- OT -- Mount Union   La Roche (Pa.)
(no scoring)
-- 2OT -- Mount Union   La Roche (Pa.)
La Roche (Pa.)   Crawford Healey (Jean Thouin)   15   16


Mount Union

La Roche (Pa.)




Mount Union

La Roche (Pa.)




Mount Union

La Roche (Pa.)