Garrison and Schindel Lead No. 20 Wrestling To a Second Place Finish at the Florida Citrus Invitational

Jon Garrison (left) and Joe Schindel (right) both finished in first at the Florida Citrus Invitational in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. at 157 and 165-pound, respectively.
Jon Garrison (left) and Joe Schindel (right) both finished in first at the Florida Citrus Invitational in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. at 157 and 165-pound, respectively.

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Junior Jon Garrison (Fairlawn/Copley) and senior Joe Schindel (Tallmadge/Akron Hoban) both took home first place honors as Mount Union's wrestling team, ranked No. 20 in the nation by the National Wrestling Coaches Association (Dec. 17), finished second at the Florida Citrus Invitational with135.5 total points.

Garrison and Schindel made up two of the 15 Purple Raiders (4-1) that placed at the Invitational - sophomore Jeremy Border (Caldwell/Caldwell) took second at 133, freshman Nathan Kirk (Adena/Buckeye Local) placed seventh at 133, freshman Alex Funderburg (Amherst/Amherst) finished in sixth at 141, junior Ben Kazimir (Auburn Twp./Kenston) placed third at 149, sophomore Branden Parker (Canton/GlenOak) placed third at 157, freshman Tyler Pidgeon (Salem/West Branch) finished in fifth at 157, junior Nick Hendershot (Willoughby/Willoughby South) took sixth at 165, junior Chad Ziegler (Burton/Middlefield Cardinal) finished in sixth at 174, freshman Nick Miller (Mandifled/Ontarion) placed seventh at 174, junior Brent Kirk (Adena/Buckeye Local) took third at 184, senior Nick Rajcsak (Stow/Stow-Munroe Falls) finished in second at 197, sophomore Lucas Dies (Akron/Manchester) took third at 197 and freshman Mark Allen (Gallipolis/Gallia Academy) placed eighth at 197.

Mount Union heads back to the mats on January 11th and 12th as they travel to the NWCA National Duals in to Des Moines, Iowa.

2013 Citrus Invitational Team Scores

1 - Cornell College - 152.5
2 - Mount Union - 135.5
3 - Liberty - 133.5
4 - Ursinus - 130.0
5 - John Carroll - 109.0
6 - Buena Vista - 74.5
7 - Case Western - 52.0
8 - Western New England - 42.5
9 - Fla Gulf Coast U - 41.5


125 – Sam Valenti
John Cobos (John Carroll)-FALL-Sam Valenti (Mount Union) F 6:17
Mitch Hood (Cornell College)-DEC-Sam Valenti (Mount Union) 13-9

133 – Nathan Kirk – 7th Place
Ryan Diehl (Liberty)-FALL-Nathan Kirk (Mount Union) F 4:40
Nathan Kirk (Mount Union)-FALL-Will Krageschmidt (Buena Vista) F 2:09
Nathan Kirk (Mount Union)-DEC -Christian Hoogheem (Ursinus) 4-2
Austin Vajen (Fla Gulf Coast U)-DEC-Nathan Kirk (Mount Union) 6-2
Nathan Kirk (Mount Union)-MAJOR-Jeff Gould (Case Western) 8-0

133 – Jeremy Border – 2nd Place
Jeremy Border (Mount Union)-TF-Carlos Barreda (Buena Vista) 15-0;3:00
Jeremy Border (Mount Union)-FALL-Christian Hoogheem (Ursinus) F 3:48
Jeremy Border (Mount Union)-TF-Nathan Shank (Cornell College) 15-0
Ryan Diehl (Liberty)-DEC-Jeremy Border (Mount Union) 7-2

141 – Alex Funderburg – 6th Place
Alex Funderburg (Mount Union) -TF-Kamsa Thephavong (Buena Vista) 18-1;3:00
Sean McAllister (Western New England) -FALL-Alex Funderburg (Mount Union) F 2:30
Alex Funderburg (Mount Union) -MED-Bryant Roby (Mount Union) med
Alex Funderburg (Mount Union) -DEC-Ike Podell (Liberty) 5-0
Alex Kramer (Ursinus)-DEC-Alex Funderburg (Mount Union) 9-6
Anthony Trocchio (John Carroll)-DEC-Alex Funderburg (Mount Union) 2-0

141 – Bryant Roby
Samuel Chalkley (Cornell College)-DEC-Bryant Roby (Mount Union) 3-2;sv
Alex Funderburg (Mount Union) -MED-Bryant Roby (Mount Union) med

149 – Ben Kazimir – 3rd Place
Ben Kazimir (Mount Union)-FALL-Darrian Irlbeck (Buena Vista) F 1:42
Ben Kazimir (Mount Union)-DEC -Daniel Weiner (Fla Gulf Coast U) 4-1
Trevor Engle (Cornell College)-DEC-Ben Kazimir (Mount Union) 4-0
Ben Kazimir (Mount Union)-DEC -Luke Marcelli (Case Western) 3-2
Ben Kazimir (Mount Union)-DEC-Daniel Mirman (John Carroll) 6-5;tb

149 – Shane Brown
Daniel Mirman (John Carroll)-DEC-Shane Brown (Mount Union) 10-7
Josh Sanders (Liberty)-DEC-Shane Brown (Mount Union) 4-2;sv

149 – Jacob Tremoulis
Josh Sanders (Liberty)-DEC-Jacob Tremoulis (Mount Union) 12-5
Jacob Tremoulis (Mount Union)-FALL-Tyler Richard (Western New England) F 1:13
Steven Gutschenritter (Buena Vista)-DEC-Jacob Tremoulis (Mount Union) 11-4

149 – Tyler Johnston
Tyler Johnston (Mount Union)-DEC-Clint Allen (Cornell College) 5-1
Derek Arnold (Ursinus)-MAJOR-Tyler Johnston (Mount Union) 9-1
Luke Marcelli (Case Western)-DEC-Tyler Johnston (Mount Union) 7-2

157 – Jon Garrison – 1st Place
Jon Garrison (Mount Union)-MAJOR-Drake Swedlund (Buena Vista) 15-4
Jon Garrison (Mount Union)-TF-Jake Allen (Cornell College) 19-4
Jon Garrison (Mount Union)-FALL-Tyler Pidgeon (Mount Union) F 2:25
Jon Garrison (Mount Union)-DEC-Eric Woodard (Liberty) 6-1

157 – Branden Parker – 3rd Place
Branden Parker (Mount Union)-DEC-Jake Vincent (John Carroll) 8-2
Eric Woodard (Liberty)-DEC-Branden Parker (Mount Union) 10-5
Branden Parker (Mount Union)-DEC-Drake Swedlund (Buena Vista) 6-4;sv
Branden Parker (Mount Union)-FALL-Chase Ridenour (Cornell College) F 2:34
Branden Parker (Mount Union)-DEC-Tyler Pidgeon (Mount Union) 9-2
Branden Parker (Mount Union)-FALL-Jake Vincent (John Carroll) F 9:39;sv

157 – Tyler Pidgeon – 5th Place
Tyler Pidgeon (Mount Union)-DEC-Daniel Ball (Cornell College) 12-7
Tyler Pidgeon (Mount Union)-DEC-Adam Palmer (Ursinus) 12-7
Jon Garrison (Mount Union)-FALL-Tyler Pidgeon (Mount Union) F 2:25
Branden Parker (Mount Union)-DEC-Tyler Pidgeon (Mount Union) 9-2
Tyler Pidgeon (Mount Union)-DEC-Justin Jimenez (Fla Gulf Coast U) 9-7

165 – Joe Schindel – 1st Place
Joe Schindel (Mount Union)-MAJOR-Andrew Nelson (Buena Vista) 9-1
Joe Schindel (Mount Union)-DEC-Matt Tusick (John Carroll) 6-1
Joe Schindel (Mount Union)-DEC-Anthony Carlo (Ursinus) 7-5;sv
Joe Schindel (Mount Union)-DEC-Seth Shatto (Buena Vista) 3-1;sv

165 – Nick Hendershot – 6th Place
Nick Hendershot (Mount Union)-FALL-Alex Cox (Liberty) F 2:50
Nick Hendershot (Mount Union)-DEC-Michael Maksimovic (Cornell College) 4-2
Seth Shatto (Buena Vista)-FALL-Nick Hendershot (Mount Union) F 4:30
Josh Ferenczy (Liberty)-DEC-Nick Hendershot (Mount Union) 9-7
Tom McNulty (John Carroll)-MAJOR-Nick Hendershot (Mount Union) 8-0

174 – Chad Ziegler – 6th Place
Chad Zeigler (Mount Union)-DEC-Giovanni Jiovenetta (Fla Gulf Coast U) 8-2
Chad Zeigler (Mount Union)-DEC-Corey Markovitch (Ursinus) 5-1
Brent Hamm (Cornell College)-DEC-Chad Zeigler (Mount Union) 11-4
Giovanni Jiovenetta (Fla Gulf Coast U)-DEC-Chad Zeigler (Mount Union) 6-4
Corey Markovitch (Ursinus)-DEC--Chad Zeigler (Mount Union) 5-3

174 – Nick Miller – 7th Place
Nick Miller (Mount Union)-DEC-Ken Hird (Fla Gulf Coast U) 7-4 *
Keyshaun Ward (Liberty)-DEC-Nick Miller (Mount Union) 9-2
Nick Miller (Mount Union)-MAJOR-Kyle Shronk (Ursinus) 12-4
Giovanni Jiovenetta (Fla Gulf Coast U)-DEC-Nick Miller (Mount Union) 4-1
Nick Miller (Mount Union)-DEC-Ken Hird (Fla Gulf Coast U) 11-5

174 – Brogan Endres
Brogan Endres (Mount Union)-DEC-Josh Sturgill (Liberty) 12-10
Brent Hamm (Cornell College)-FALL-Brogan Endres (Mount Union) F 2:39
Ken Hird (Fla Gulf Coast U)-DEC-Brogan Endres (Mount Union) 7-2

174 – Lambert McElrath
Austin Hayes (Buena Vista)-DEC-Lambert McElrath (Mount Union) 13-11;sv
Lambert McElrath (Mount Union)-TF-Robert Rein (Ursinus) 22-6 tf 5:35
Corey Markovitch (Ursinus)-FALL-Lambert McElrath (Mount Union) F 2:10

184 – Brent Kirk – 3rd Place
Brent Kirk (Mount Union)-FALL-Matthew Reynolds (Liberty) F 1:32
Todd Gaydosh (John Carroll)-DEC-Brent Kirk (Mount Union) 6-1
Brent Kirk (Mount Union)-FALL-Kevin Stahmer (Cornell College) F 1:18

184 – Joseph Cordova
Eric Sullivan (Case Western)-DEC-Joseph Cordova (Mount Union) 9-4
Matthew Reynolds (Liberty)-FALL-Joseph Cordova (Mount Union) F 3:28

197 – Nick Rajcsak – 2nd Place
Nick Rajcsak (Mount Union)-MAJOR-Robert Kratman (John Carroll) 13-4
Nick Rajcsak (Mount Union)-TF-Mark Allen (Mount Union) 20-5;4:41
Nick Rajcsak (Mount Union)-MAJOR-Taylor Gload (Ursinus) 19-6
Aaron Thompson (Liberty)-DEC-Nick Rajcsak (Mount Union) 5-3

197 – Lucas Dies – 3rd Place
Lucas Dies (Mount Union)-FALL-Carl Newman (Western New England) F 2:17
Lucas Dies (Mount Union)-FALL-Demetrius Heard (Buena Vista) F 4:16
Aaron Thompson (Liberty)-TF-Lucas Dies (Mount Union) tf;5:00
Lucas Dies (Mount Union)-FALL-Jim Kirby (Cornell College) F 1:37
Lucas Dies (Mount Union)-FALL-Robert Kratman (John Carroll) F 0:56 *

197 – Mark Allen – 8th Place
Nick Rajcsak (Mount Union)-TF-Mark Allen (Mount Union) 20-5;4:41
Mark Allen (Mount Union)-FALL-Brad Beattie (John Carroll) F 2:29
Jim Kirby (Cornell College)-DEFAULT-Mark Allen (Mount Union) de
Demetrius Heard (Buena Vista)-MED-Mark Allen (Mount Union) med